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Strata, Planets and Vicissitudes. Solo show 2019

GALLERY Ann Kyoto 

Kariganecho 170, Fuyacho-nishiiru, Takatsujidori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan


Exhibition dates

03 August 2019 - 04 August 2019



It might be of enormous importance that ‘self’, ‘others’ and ‘time’ are connected when artists produce their works in the field of contemporary art. In this exhibition, She focused on climate change that has been viewed as a global issue since around the 1990s and its countermeasure technology, cutting-edge science and technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), space development, and robotics. Mainly in this context, She tried to work with thoughts about how human relates to environment and society in the future.

She was also examining the position of ‘minorities in hierarchical society’, which is one of her basic concept.

As this exhibition in the ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, She was also working on an art-project of ‘Future of the ancient capital’, with the advance in science and technology.

  (11 July 2019)

Publication in HAPS

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