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Project no11.

The power of personal authority

June, 2019, Tokyo

Instant photography, Photo archive

Currently, most countries, including Japan, are legally regulated, and when someone commits a crime, it is common for it to be punishable by law. However, recently, some people tend to execute 'punishment' with the internet and the information-diffusing power of social networking services. I randomly shot photographs of private residences in Tokyo to simulate a fake ‘personal punishment’ situation. As serious problems are associated with the ‘personal punishment’ on the internet, fake news and the problems of false accusation can also be considered.


I took this series of photos in the Roppongi area of Tokyo. This is a randomly selected general house that has nothing to do with the incident. But I would like to see what kind of discussion will occur when I publish this photo to the public. Excessive "personal justice" can sometimes turn into incredible violence.

110 x 55 cm

This project was showcased/archived at Graduation show 2021, The Royal College of Art (2021)


Project no12.

Controlling landscapes

February, 2019, Shenzhen, China

Digital image, Short film, VR space presentation

'This work is a false documentary and discussion based on a report that records my trip to the Chinese city of Shenzhen for a city survey. Today, China is developing rapidly, especially in Shenzhen, which is close to Hong Kong. In the last thirty years, Shenzhen has grown from a small fishing port to a big city that might be called the Asian Silicon Valley.


The first time I visited, I was walking down Shenzhen Boulevard and capturing images for 3D VR. Photography in this city is severely restricted and police officers monitor it in vehicles such as Segways. People had a satisfying smile, as if they were the most blessed in the world. It's completely different from the people of Tokyo and London, who have a lot of gloomy faces.


I then explored a large park and climbed a small hill. A gorgeous light-up show begins at night. I was impressed with this huge paradise city and felt a little strange. This "world", completely controlled in everything, is like a role-playing game. And I felt the nostalgia of the past in the natural debris that may have existed in places.'

105 x 30 cm

This project was showcased/archived at Strata, Planets and Vicissitudes. Solo show 2019


Project no13.

Covered by green

August 2019, Taipei, Taiwan

Digital image, Travel experience

The region called Taiwan, located in the south of East Asia, is in a geopolitically complex situation. This project considers the political and regional characteristics of the area, which I investigated when I visited northern Taiwan.


Research has revealed that there are four cultures, two Chinas, and three "colours" in the area. The four cultures are aboriginal cultures of Pacific descent, Western and Christian cultures such as the Netherlands (which are similar to other Southeast Asian countries), mainly Han Chinese cultures in South China, and Japanese cultures. This is a natural situation in the history of this island. The two Chinas are red and blue, that is, communism and capitalism, and they clearly represent the history and conflict of modern postwar continental China. The three colours are Chiang Kai-shek blue  (in this case, red may be in blue), green for freedom, and independent grey. This patchwork and mosaic seems to represent this area.


However, when I actually visited Taiwan, it was covered with “lime green". It's not perfect, but at the moment it may be "mostly". For example, the metal-sheet roof houses overlooking Taipei 101 drew a lime green digital pattern, and the green dominated everywhere in urban and rural areas. In the first place, “lime green" is the origin colour for Taiwan and may also be the “latest” colour. This region, swirling with contradictions in cultural identities, may end up with this distinctive colour.

104 x 32 cm

This project was showcased/archived at Graduation show 2021, The Royal College of Art/ Contemporary Art Curator Magazine


Project no14.

Trace of the giant

September, 2020, London/Hiroshima

Digital Image

This image is from when I visited Hiroshima in 2014 to investigate a landslide disaster. The disaster killed more than 70 people. The ferocious nature of climate change sometimes puts humanity on the brink of despair and resignation. But there is the effort and enthusiasm of engineers to save their lives, and the quest of scientists to follow in the footsteps of the "giant."

100 x 180  cm

This project was showcased/archived at Shanghai International Art Fair 2019 


Project no15.

Relativity of the past future

October, 2019, London

Land specific art, Digital image

When thinking about the future, it must be considered when it is looked from. What people thought of as past products might be kind of a symbol of the future in a past time. I photographed some of the British Museum's collections and displayed the products in the modern landscape. The landscape might be an unimaginable future, as seen from the past, and it becomes material that helps consideration of the relativity of time (including the facts that are displayed in museums). Will the future we imagine in our time become a past story for someone?

75 x 50 cm

This project was showcased/archived at Loosenart/Art Shopping Paris - Salon International D'ART Contemporain/FOCUS Art Fair Art-Boom/Effetto Arte Foundation (2023)


Project no16.

A view of situation

December, 2019, London

Short film, Sound piece

What kind of methodology do humans use to understand a situation when they are cognizing their surroundings? In this fake documentary, I analysed environmental sounds using a method of calibration which is widely used in the field of engineering and acted as an advanced algorithm. In this context, I have also examined carefully what happens when so called ‘artificial intelligence’ is defining the circumambient medium. From another point of view, I am a storyteller of this short film, scoping the world through a lens and learning from the electrical signal. Interestingly, the information – the ‘IMAGE’ that can be captured with a small camera – is not very likely to be linked to the various types of environmental sounds. In other words, there might be even other factors in obtaining information, and the main character of this story may someday exceed human sensations. 

This project was showcased/archived at Contemporary Venice ITSLIQUID2020 (2020)/Contemporary Art Curator Magazine (2021)/Eunoia The Curators Collective (2024)


Project no17.

Ten-thousandth ghost 2020

March, 2020, London

Text, Microscope, Short film, Performance

This project is a series of drama pieces based on my job experience in London. The ghost story is located at a private hospital in London, where I worked from September last year to February this year, and my small flat.

Caption board

This text board represents her inaugural venture into text-based artwork, and it was reviewed and refined into artistic prose by the Artist RedBlack Lawrence at the RCA Sculpture Studio in 2019.

On the evening of March 11, 2020, she participated in an on-stage performance alongside other performance artists at the 'FLESH NIGHT Performance Stage' hosted at the Old Operating Theater. In her performance, she adorned herself in the costume of the 'Ghost' featured in her artwork. She conducted a ritual to ward off evil spirits by rubbing an egg on her body and concluded the presentation by reading a text piece from 'Letter from The third party Ghost.' This marked her first foray into performance art within a conceptual artistic context.

This project was showcased/archived at The Old Operating Theatre Museum (2020)/ARTIFACT Gallery (2020)


Project no18.

Miserable house and my funeral on Mars

February, 2020, London

Small Pavilion, Incense stick, Wind, Experimental sculpture

The project presents future working-classes’ living situation (mainly on Mars), criticises capitalism, and depicts post-space development in a dystopian world which I expressed by creating a "house model". In addition, in order to simulate how traditional culture continues in that world, I exhibited a Japanese-style funeral “ritual” as an inactive installation. 

The people living in a spaceship-like shack are immigrants to Mars. The wealthy people who crossed to Mars before them live in large, clean, futuristic, and healthy homes. The second habitants have emigrated to the newly developed city of Mars in search of the future, following the wealth class.

Life on Mars is very harsh. Dust is screened against with a silver sheet that was in the waste storage area. The people had religions and customs in their original home. They quietly perform rituals and pray in the tattered house.

150 x 210 x 270 cm

This project was showcased/archived at Graduation show 2021, The Royal College of Art


Project no19.

Overflow_A game for observing my: breath  (DRAWING) 

July, 2020, Kyoto, Japan

Digital painting, Digital print, Coding piece

'This digital art piece was drawn by experimental coding. Originally, I started with the purpose of physically considering a psychological test for "my fear", but the result is more psychological and emotional. The main theme of this piece is the contrast between the method and what is produced from the result.'


quoted from Yuiko Amano, 2020, Overflow_A game for observing my: breath

Full Text digital copy-1
Full Text digital copy-2

The authentic document is housed in the library of the Royal College of Art.
Art historian Jonathan Miles reviewed and assessed this artistic paper.

100 x 100 cm

This project was showcased/archived at the library of the Royal College of Art (2020)


Project no20.

“Yui-ga Dokson” Project 

October, 2020-2023(Ongoing), London

Web service, Wearable design, Marketing, Fabric, Trademark

The project was launched in July 2020 in Kyoto, which was locked down at that time, and started as a business in London in October. It is a charity project aimed at relief and assistance to minorities and is still underway. They are mainly working to support LGBTQIA+ people and those who are suffering some kind of disadvantage in society due to race or gender. In addition, the philosophy of Japanese Mahayana Buddhism is applied as the underlying concept.

Pure London 2023 Summer Collection

W Christmas Gift guide 2023 Winter Collection

This brand was introduced following inspiration from the RCA Zoom special class titled 'RCA Q&A with Sir Jony Ive KBE,' featuring special guests Virgil Abloh and Olafur Eliasson. Hosted by the Head of RCA Fashion, Zowie Broach, the class took place on May 7, 2020, at The Royal College of Art. Furthermore, the brand found inspiration from the 'Satoshi Date Fashion Studio Internship' attended by the founder in Seven Sisters, London, on September 17, 2019.


This project was showcased/archived at Pure London 2023/W magazine (2023)

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