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アンカー 1

Project no21.


February, 2021- (Ongoing project), London

Web service, Digital communication, Software application, Communicational performance, Recipe

The project was launched in February 2021 in London, which was during lockdown, and is still in progress. We are considering future food and eating out culture. Is it possible for us to eat together, even if we are apart?

As the development of software applications, SNS and matching applications have become widespread, and as web communication services such as Zoom have become more diverse, so have new encounters and relationships with close people become technology-dependent. In such a situation, I would like to explore a new way of conducting a restaurant service.

If you would like to dine with strangers, please book a seat from the restaurant's website. We invite you to a new matching event.

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Project no22.

Alternative Connection - I have become a cat.  

May, 2021, London

Animation, book, Digital book

An international student from Japan, "I", stays at Ms. Sax's house as he begins university. There are many cats gathering around Ms. Sax's house but, among them, "Liu's cat” is strangely attached to "I". Once “I” starts to wonder about this, the WiFi signal in his room shuts off. "I" then asks Ms. Sax to quickly fix it, but her husband tells him to use a different signal while she repairs it. "I" connects to a different WiFi using his computer and activates it as instructed but, the next morning, "I" becomes a cat. While he is becoming a "cat", "Liu's cat" does not appear. This mysterious phenomenon does not always occur, only after a certain period of time and then it occurs very suddenly. As "I" goes to Soho with university classmates, flatmates and friends he met at pubs while on holiday, he notices a secret room at the back of a bookstore in London.


We Are Reversal” /MUSA PAVILION at 59th Biennale di Venezia 2022 /Palazzo Pisani-Revedin, Venice, Italy

Project 23

Project no23.

Globe on Ice

August, 2020, Fukui, Japan

Glass, Solid sand, gold leaf

This work was made at a glass factory in Kanazu Sosaku no Mori, Fukui city, Japan.


FOCUS Art Fair London 2021 with HongLee Art Agency/ Saatchi Gallery 

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