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Sound Collection


Sound piece / Exhibited in Courtyard Gallery in the Royal College of Art/ 2 Nov 2018

This piece marks her debut in the realm of sound art. Crafted in 2018, it originated during her participation in the 'Thinking through Sound' art lecture/workshop led by the Artist Andrew Pierre Hart at the Royal College of Art. Using audio editing software, she curated diverse 'Noise' captured by fellow students in the class, transforming them into an artistic music track. The piece was showcased alongside works from other students in a collective exhibition at the Royal College of Art's Courtyard Gallery. Subsequently, it was presented at Be-Kyoto Gallery in Kyoto, 2019.

'Thinking Through Sound'.jpg

​'Thinking through sound' Workshop by Andrew Pierre Hart/ 30th October 2018 at The Kensington lecture Theatre, the Royal College of Art / 4day sound-based workshop in Across RCA 2018

Heat / Cold Take 1. Album · 2021

Heat / Cold.png

West Kensington Music Studio/Feburary 5, 2021

This piece represents her inaugural official artistic music album, which was released in February 2021. The announcement took place online as part of the 'COLD = HEAT' Sound-based Solo show held during the London Covid lockdown.

This project was showcased/archived at Eunoia The Curators Collective (2024)

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