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'About Future' - Loosenart

She participated in About Future as selected Artist at Loosenart for a month.The listed artworks have been chosen among 1128 submitted.




Exhibited Projects 

'Relativity of the past future'

6th December 2019 - 2nd January 2020

Spazio Millepiani, Rome, Italy

Exhibition about 

'If there was a past and there is a present, there must be another entity, another time-dimension. Otherwise, why does the future tense exist? Why all the efforts, the investments and thoughts about that? Why do we ask fortune-tellers and astrologists to tell us something about our future? Why did Futurists want to erase the past, burning museums, destroying traditions and conformity, in the name of something that was not there yet?

What about future, then?

We can try to answer these questions by visiting the namesake exhibition, “About Future”, organised by Loosenart and set up at Spazio Millepiani in Rome. Open to public from the 6th December 2019 to the 2nd January 2020, the group exhibit visualises and boosts different kinds of future; it shows several possibilities about what we all are going to experience tomorrow, next year, in two centuries, maybe. Or maybe not. In this blurred uncertainty, reality mixes up with fantasy and science fiction – and the results are amazing, when not visionary.

The artists selected for the exhibition – more than 60 from all around the planet – collected their thoughts, told their stories, interpreting them visually and translating them into digital-and-photographic works.


"Future" as concept connected to the world of ideas, the ones which envisage the events, that invent new realities - fantastic and science fiction, or those that if adaptable to the real world, through the means and will to implement them, end up to shape the environment in which the living being is immersed.

It is particularly in this sense that artistic practices (or activities that give rise to sensory experiences through aesthetic products) have always played a fundamental role in the development and progress of civilization.


Some of them chose to describe our forthcoming existence in a dark way, trapping humans in small cages or depicting them as duplicated humanoids enlisted in an obscure army trooping towards an unknown destination. As if George Orwell wrote a sequel of “1984”, with an even more disturbing plot. On the other hand, instead, a number of artists introduce and manifest optimistic features, giving trust to technology in its multiple shapes and potentials. It will probably become an extension of our body, massively influencing and redirecting our lives. Or what about sophisticated hi-tech programs able to substitute not only workers, but even art itself, by creating impossible images and compositions? 


Natural sciences will be different in the future, as well as nature as we know it. Colours will perhaps change and new landscapes will open before our eyes.'


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