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London Docklands Collection (2021-2024)

After relocating to England, her focus shifted predominantly to conceptual art. However, after completing her studies at the Royal College of Art, she intermittently returned to painting and drawing practice.


Daily pathway/2023, Acrylic paint Pastel on canvas

Back to human.jpg

The Dock/2023, Acrylic paint Pastel on canvas


Collaborative Project with Tattoo Artist/My small miniature garden - tiny tiger/Hammersmith, London/ 2024, Ink, Acrylic, Photopolymer on paper board

Kyoto City Collection (Early works/2010-2018)

Since around 2010, she has been exhibiting mainly painting and drawing works regularly and locally in Kyoto City, Japan.


Winds and Sounds - Plum Village Kyoto/2018, Paint on fabric

Cinema sketch series.PNG

Cinema sketch series/2015, pencil and charcoal on paper

Live painting show.jpg

Live Painting Theatrical style Performance on stage with Art Collective in Kyoto /2013, Kyoto City


Kyoto Kintetsu Tanba-bashi Station/2011, Ink on paper

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