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'COLD = HEAT' Sound-based Solo show, 2021

She hosted her online solo show focused on sound and music during the Covid lockdown in London at the West Kensington Music Studio. Additionally, she released her inaugural official music album on February 5, 2021.

West Kensington Music Studio

26th-28th January 2021

London, UK

'COLD = HEAT' Take 1. Album Link

'COLD = HEAT' .jpg


This series of artistic musical works drew inspiration from the music and performances of three musicians and was created in harmony with the artist's classical music background.


The first significant influence occurred when she attended the "Sound and Vision"(February 6, 2020) concert at the Royal Academy of Music in February 2020. One of the performances featured a pianist playing from an unconventional sheet music. Instead of traditional notation, the sheet music contained various geometric symbols and non-verbal instructions, guiding the pianist in interpreting and playing the piano. The emotional instructions embedded in the score left a lasting impression on the artist, appreciating the performer's emotional 'translation work' through piano playing.


In the second instance, her flatmate in West Kensington, an Italian student studying composition at the Royal College of Music(MComp), started performing and composing in their flat during the lockdown when university studios were inaccessible. Inspired by this and recalling her background in classical piano and her hobby of playing the violin, she established a music studio named "West Kensington Music Studio" in her flat. There, she practiced piano and violin and engaged in music composition.


The third source of excitement comes from compositions by Niccolò Paganini, several cherished pieces she has admired for a long time. She is confident that, similar to her own experience, numerous fans feel ecstatic as the waves of melodies unfold.


Four experimental pieces emerged during her exploration and practice of artistic music in the West Kensington Music Studio. These compositions reflect the 'Musical translation of emotions' witnessed at the Royal Academy of Music, the 'Sounds of daily life' in West Kensington (including her flatmate's musical expressions as part of daily life), and the 'Sounds of daily life' experienced during the London lockdown. Despite spending much time inside their rooms, the external 'sounds' consistently found their way into the artists' creations.


The artist, possessing absolute pitch required for instruments like the violin, incorporated 'emotions and dialogue' and 'various sounds from the flat' into her compositions. These pieces represent a form of artistic practice in composition that goes beyond formal classical norms.

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