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'Back to Human - Welcome to Open Studio in Shoreditch'

She had a solo show at 4 Garden Walk, Shoreditch, London in 2023.

Back to Human-1.jpg

In January 2023, she held her solo exhibition, which included a performance in East London, where she was based. For the solo exhibition, she used a studio space not far from Old Street in Shoreditch. The content of the performance took the form of a live painting in which a blank canvas is set up on the wall like an exhibition and paintings are painted on it during the exhibition period, allowing the audience to see the ‘Process and trace’ of painting.


Although this process contradicts ‘technology’, which is part of her concept, she purposely chose the theme of her solo exhibition as ‘Back to human’, expressing the value of painting as a human being and the painting experience she had as a child. She tried to approach herself from an internal perspective by recalling her memories of action of painting. Most of her paintings were all of her beloved Docklands scenery.

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